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HOUSE/HOME: Final Review

25-26 March the School of Architecture KTH. Critics: Boel Hellman, Tor Lindstrand, Lukas Thiel and Erik Wingquist

During the spring of 2010 we have been working on what makes a house a home.

Over the last decade building costs for single family houses have doubled in Stockholm (from app. 10 840 SEK/square meter in 1998 to 22 985 in 2007). Prices of land has followed the same trajectory. The average area of a single family house is more or less constant (128 square meter in 1998 vs. 136 in 2007). What has happened to the quality of housing during the same period? Your assignment is to analyse the current local trends in housing, use of materials, spatial organisation, construction principles and make a proposal for an alternative single family house. The average production cost for a house is currently 2 979 000 SEK. How much architecture does that buy you?

Is it possible to think architecture that, instead of routinely obsessing with style and external attributes, actually relates to contemporary building materials, construction technologies and modes of production? The topics of economy, material and building procedures will be tested on a single family house located in Stockholm.

Projects by: Guido Brandi, Luis Frenando Cazares Reyes, Magdalena Celinska, Mathilde Duvier, Matias T. Grez, Moritz Holenstein and Federico Rossi, Ken Iriyama, Andrew Lee, Yusuke Mino, Aaron Nyren, Inge Louise Olberts, Lena Pipkorn, Nea Tuominen, Ann Charlotte Wiklander and Alberto Zanelli



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