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BLOCK/HOME: Final Review

Dec 20-21, School of Architecture KTH.

Over the last thirty years between two to four thousand apartments have been built in Stockholm each year, this is to be compared with the record years between 1935-1965 when over fifteen thousand apartments were added to the city yearly. According to the latest prognosis by USK (the statistic office of the City of Stockholm) the population will increase with approximately 90 000 people in the coming ten years. This means that around 45 000 new apartments needs to be built. Historically it is easy to connect periods of expansion with different architectural discourses and ideologies, the expansion of the garden city in the 20’s – 40’s, the suburban satellite city of the 50’s and the modernist mammoth projects of the 60’s and 70’s. But what architectural discourse and ideologies defines our contemporary society? What is this new city that has been built around us over the last thirty years?

With a starting point in examples such as Södra Station, S:t Eriks sjukhusområde, Hammarby Sjöstad, Liljeholmen, Västra Kungsholmen, Norra Djurgårdsstaden and Hagastaden, this course aims to map and propose alternatives to the current trends in the making of housing. Linking material and building processes to architectural ambitions, private to public in an era dominated by short-term economy and the architectural object to its underlying systems of control, structure and politics.

Projects by: Magnus Adalmundsson , Sara Bergström , Lorenz Boigner, Elton Chan Yik Tung, Maja Claesson , Dan Engberg, Maria Fredriksson, Jonas Frick, Josefin Gustafsson, Stephanie Maloney, Kristin Nedlich, Ingrid Nordstrand, Sofia Nyman, Camilla Silander, Elsa Smeds, Gregor Sutherland, Therese Svalling, Gustav Svärdhagen, Hanna Syrén, Linus Yng

Critics: Jesús Azpeitia, Anders Wilhelmsson, Erik Wingquist and Tor Lindstrand



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