BLOCK/HOME Autumn 2011

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During this course we continue to examine how contemporary building materials and technologies relate to the production of architecture. Research and science is not really about finding answers but about asking questions. There is no future in answers, if we eventually find everything out, this will ultimately mean the undoing of science, the reason to learn and the production of knowledge. So why is it then that architectural practise is so much about consolidating that which we already know? Maybe one possible answer is that accepted knowledge and conventional wisdom is comforting. If we all agree that something is good, proper and well done, then we don’t really have to think. Cities are about uncertainties, a dynamic and complex web of relations between people, organisations, ownerships, interests, opportunities, and transactions. If this is true why has architecture such difficulties to adapt to these crucial elements that make up our urban environment? It seems that even though cities include architecture, architecture as a practise contradicts many of the properties that constitutes a city.


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