HOUSE HOME Autumn 2011

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A Home Is Not A House Reyner Banham, 1965

During this course we will examine how contemporary building materials and technologies relate to the production of architecture. New modes of production and new materials have continually developed and changed during the last few decades, at the same time it has become difficult to trace how this development have transformed the way we understand architecture. Traditional modernistic ideals as honest accounts of material, function and construction have given way to an increasing occupation with architecture as image, which in turn has lead to an increasing separation between architecture/construction and form/structure. Today we see built examples of this simplified and problematic attitude towards architecture as a complex process. The ambitions in this course are to see if it is possible to reformulate these issues. Is it possible to think architecture that, instead of routinely obsessing with style and external attributes, actually relates to contemporary building materials, construction technologies and modes of production? Topics such as program, economy, material and building procedures will be tested on a single family house located in Stockholm.


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