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VISION/SPACE: Final Review

May 30 the School of Architecture KTH. Critics: Joanna Zawieja and Tor Lindstrand

During the spring of 2011 we have been working on Hagastaden, a new residential and research area between the city of Stockholm and Solna.

Scenario: One of the largest planned expansions of Stockholms inner city is Hagastaden. Up until 2025, the former Norra Station area will be built and developed into an entirely new neighborhood with a mixture of housing, parkland, trade, world-leading research and highly specialized medical care. Hagastaden is emerging in both Stockholm and Solna, and it is being integrated with the New Karolinska Solna University Hospital, which will open in 2016.Just over 5 000 apartments and there will be around 13,000 workplaces.As part of this planned expansion a new architecture/planning centre will be built.As one of the first buildings on site it will work as an information hub but also double as a small research centre for the production of knowledge about how to understand the nature of our contemporary city. During the construction it will take on the role as an information hub, as the neighborhood starts to develop so will the program and use of the architectural centre. An important task is to find relevant concepts for in what way this shift in use will be translated into changes in program as well as in architecture.

“The places where we live are continuously imposed on us. In reality the space in which we operate can only exist as a mental model that is continuously modified through experience. It is necessary to find the form that is born out of our experience instead of by imposed schemes.”

Instructions for the use of the city, Ugo La Pietra, 1978

Projects by: Ingrid Evenstad Dahl, Helena Krahner, Michele Manzella, Sigrid Rossebø Hansen, Sheng Sun, Ulrike Tinnacher and Jonas Westberg



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