The Flying Proletarian

seminar — Tor Lindstrand @ 13:52


The Flying Proletarian 19-20 Nov 2009

“This is a hole. It always has been and still is. But now it is a hole into the future. We’re going to dump so much through this lousy hole into your world that everything will change in it. Life will be different. It’ll be fair. Everyone will have everything he needs. Some hole, huh? Knowledge comes through this hole. And when we have the knowledge, we’ll make everyone rich, and we’ll fly to the stars, and go anywhere we want. That’s the kind of hole we have here.”

Arkady & Boris Strugatsky

In collaboration with the theory course ”New Realities – from Realism to Utopia” at the Art Academy (KKH) we will spend two days examining different movements between realism and utopia. The starting point being historic texts and contemporary discussions, variations on how we can relate to visionary thinking today.



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