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In this seminar we will discuss concepts of modernity in relation to the production of space over the last century. From the optimism featured in Le Corbuiser’s manifesto Towards an Architecture, over Reyner Banham’s ambition to update the relationship between engineering and architecture in A Home Is Not A House and ending with Rem Koolhaas description of The Generic City, were architecture, engineering and urbanism implodes under the pressures of capitalism and globalization. We start with looking at a film by Harun Farocki, “The Creators of Shopping Worlds” and after that we will have a discussion were we together try to trace what, if anything, is left of the modern project in our society today. What is our current understanding of the relations between technology and architecture? Is it at all possible to still have a material approach to building in a world of economic abstraction and financial fluidity? Your work is to read the texts and reflect on what connects them and what sets them apart. In what way do they inform us about our contemporary situation?


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“Early this morning, I was in a bad mood and decided to break a law and start my car without buckling my seat belt. My car usually does not want to start before I buckle the belt. It first flashes a red ligth “FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT!,” then an alarm sounds; it is so high pitched, so relentless, so repetitive, that I cannot stand it. After ten seconds I swear and put on the belt. This time, I stood the alarm for twenty seconds and then gave in. My mood had worsened quite a bit, but I was at peace with the law – at least with that law.”

Bruno Latour, Where Are the Missing Masses? The Sociology of a Few Mundande Artifacts

Stuck in the traffic a hot summer day in Los Angles, Michael Douglas character in the film “Falling down” decides to abandon his car and starts to walk through the city. This is the moment when the symbol of the middle class, the middle man, transgresses the agreed conventions and behaviour. Falling down – the workshop – is a one day seminar exploring the notion of the middle class. Starting with a lecture on the 1960s and 70s Italian workerist movement, and its relevans for the study of the middle class, we will continue with discussions abut the production of knowledge, economy, labour in today’s society. The workshop is part of this semester’s art history course on the theme of autonomy, and is a collaboration between the Art History course at Kungl. Konsthögskolan and the Design Process Studio at KTH-Arkitektur.

FALLING DOWN – A one day workshop on the theme of autonomy and the middle class.

Lecture by artists Michele Masucci and Måns Wrange followed by text seminar.

Reading: Labour and Language, Paolo Virno and ‘Where Are the Missing Masses? The Sociology of a Few Mundane Artifacts, Bruno Latour

The workshop is organized by Milou Allerholm (KKH) and Tor Lindstrand (KTH)

The Flying Proletarian

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The Flying Proletarian 19-20 Nov 2009

“This is a hole. It always has been and still is. But now it is a hole into the future. We’re going to dump so much through this lousy hole into your world that everything will change in it. Life will be different. It’ll be fair. Everyone will have everything he needs. Some hole, huh? Knowledge comes through this hole. And when we have the knowledge, we’ll make everyone rich, and we’ll fly to the stars, and go anywhere we want. That’s the kind of hole we have here.”

Arkady & Boris Strugatsky

In collaboration with the theory course ”New Realities – from Realism to Utopia” at the Art Academy (KKH) we will spend two days examining different movements between realism and utopia. The starting point being historic texts and contemporary discussions, variations on how we can relate to visionary thinking today.


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